I'm Vu Nguyen, founder and photographer at Emo Wedding Studio. I love photography and design as well. Wedding photography is one of my passion and my job in life.

I was born in Sai Gon - Vietnam, but i have influence in wedding photography of foreign country very much. It happened in the period of my working time in New Zealand. That had been a great time in my life and it inform my style in wedding photography.

Emo Wedding is an idea when i had lived in New Zealand. It kind of my child that i have spent a lot time to built it up. It takes long time to inform and grow up until now. 

Fine Art, Hipster, Boho in engagement and mix of modern in wedding journalism are things i am following in photography. I photograph emotion and natural moment . I'm searching, observing, predicting to capture unique moment in every photoshoot. 

To me, each couple will have different story and emotion. My role is to capture all moment happens and to be a story teller. 

                   VU NGUYEN     Founder of Emo Wedding Studio

                 VU NGUYEN 

 Founder of Emo Wedding Studio