Qui & Nhi | Engagement

We had the opportunity to photograph one of lovely couples Qui & Nhi at Binh Duong city on April 24, 2019. We were very impressive of them who are a lovely, gentle and polite couple. It seemed that we had a fate with this couple when we find out about they were introduced by a couple we photographed before (Phung & Uyen).

Nhi told that she liked our wedding journalism style and suggested videography on the ceremony. This was probably such a great suggestion when we were trusted by customers and took responsible for images in their grand day.

The ceremony placed in Binh Duong. It’s a beautiful and sunshine day with beautiful decoration, fresh flowers and golden tones. It made the ceremony became more luxury and impressive to the guests.

We arrived early and had time to set up and captured everything happened before the ceremony started. From preparing make up, selecting traditional costumes, to decoration inside and outside the bride’s house. During working time, we felt an exciting and rushing atmosphere of family. It seems that the family was very eager to welcome new member.

And these are all what we saw and captured, special moments which are real and pure through our artistic eyes.