This is 2nd time I have a great opportunity to shoot for this couple, James & Therese. As the 1st I did photoshoot for them at Da Lat which is the most attractive place for pre-wedding photography. So now, this trip to Singapore took me a lot of of time and arrangement, coz of difference in culture. But finally I did it.

There are not so much ceremonies in the wedding day of Singapoean. It’s about tea ceremony and wedding gifts for couple. It’s seemed nothing special, but real emotion of family, friends and happiness of James & Therese made a fantastic wedding ever.

After tea ceremony at couple’s home, we move to venue, a beautiful place at W Hotel Sentosa and this is one of famous 5 stars hotel in Singapore. A great place for reception, with luxury decoration and professional staffs, we were treated very well by manager who help us to organize lighting and timeline of reception and very special lunch.

Perhaps this is one of the weddings that makes me feel so proud of my work, for nearly 10 years of working as never before, now my name was called to say thank you in the speech of James & Therese. I am very grateful that they give sincere thanks to us, a long way from Vietnam to Singapore to do a special mission. I’m very impressed and always remember that moment. Perhaps this makes me more excited and more flourish during the shooting that day, there were many wonderful moments going on and I had captured it well.

The reception started at 11pm and ended near 4pm, we got luck to caught up with portrait shots for the couple on the hotel's beautiful area. Starting work from 6am and returning to the hotel to rest at 6pm, I and 2nd shooter were so tired and needed resuscitation to continue the work on the next day. The following days were continuous pre-wedding shootings for 2 other couples, and then the last day before they returned to Vietnam was an important party of James & Therese for their friends.

An intimate banquet was held at Black Swan Restaurant. The party starts at 6pm and ends at 12pm, a continuous working at night cannot be any better because there are so many events taking place that night. The guests almost were close friends and colleagues of the couple. The party was so stunning with nice decoration and once again my name is mentioned in the sharing section of the couple, they gave us their sincere compliments that I’m so proud of my work that following. The music and the bustling atmosphere made a memorable night on that day, it helped me have the opportunity to capture many great moments that only happened when getting into the party I could record them in the most special way.

Return to the hotel after catching up on the last MRT train and falling into deep sleep with so much joy and happiness still remaining after a great night. This was really a special experience until now and I will always remember all kindness and love from  James & Therese gave to me as well as Emo Wedding Studio..


James & Therese's Wedding Day | Singapore

W Hotel Sentosa | 21st July 2019